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Exilis Elite for Skin Tightening
Uses radio frequency which is a form of heat energy that warms the superficial layer of the skin to produce new collagen, leaving the skin smoother & youthful.

Exilis Elite Exilis Elite for Skin Tightening


Face 1 Session


Face Course of 4


Face & Neck 1 Session


Face & Neck Course of 4


Face, Neck & Dercollette 1 Session


Face, Neck & Dercollette Course of 4


Eyes or Neck 1 Session


Eyes or Neck Course of 4


Exilis Elite for Body Fat Reduction
Uses ultrasound to target unwanted fat cells, breaking them down so that the body can safely eliminate them (causing up to 60% of the fat cells to die). Once the collagen is stimulated it comes to the surface of the skin over a period of 12 weeks, giving you lasting wrinkle reduction, firmer, more youthful skin and a more defined treatment area.

Exilis Elite for Body Fat Reduction


Body - Tummy, Hips, Arm or Buttocks 1 Session


Body - Tummy, Hips, Arm or Buttocks Course of 4


Body - Thighs 1 Session


Body - Thighs Course of 4


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